To be secure. To be safe. To become the King or Queen of your own castle. Buying property is still an aspiration of many and, for most, the largest decision and purchase of someone’s life. However, over the last 2 decades, the opportunity for individuals to get on the property ladder has become more difficult. House prices have risen exponentially in comparison to wages. Population growth has over shot property development. We live in a more competitive landscape for property ownership. More so than ever before - and this trend will worsen in the decades ahead.

However, property auctions provide the public with the opportunity to purchase property with greater transparency, ease, and sometimes at lower price points. This is a faster moving process - and a great equaliser. We don’t believe in moving slowly. We go fast. Not because we are in a rush, nor unconsidered - but rather, because we have the skills, expertise, platform, and people to move at pace. To be reactive and up to date, while still rooted in strategy and best practice.

We believe in getting going. Energising. Moving forward, and always striving. Striving to push boundaries in the property market, in looking for new ways of working, new opportunities, and striving for our customers - to provide the best possible; quickest and easiest property purchasing experience.

Born out of a digital first environment, during a global pandemic, we know there is a real human realisation. A realisation that anything can happen. There is no point now in waiting with ‘I’ll get round to it next week’, or ‘Some time soon’. The time to act, and aspire, and to live out your life long aspirations, is now.


It is one of the most efficient property
platforms on the market right now

James Blake



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